Structural Problem Detected

Unfortunately, due to faulty construction that was done after a devastating fire in 1969, the foundation that lies directly beneath the sanctuary and several classrooms is deteriorating and a large section of our church is literally sinking. Although there has been visible evidence of on going structural problems in our building for many years, the actual problem was not identified until May 2008, after the source of an unexplained leak in our church basement was identified.

When it was discovered that a major sewer pipe that lies beneath the hallway had somehow been ruptured, a soil engineer was contacted and asked to perform a soil test in the area. Based on the analysis that was performed, it is believed that that the materiel that was used as filler when this section of the church was rebuilt was not suitable, and has deteriorated over time, thereby causing the foundation to shift significantly.

From all indications, the foundation will continue to deteriorate and if left uncorrected, will cause the entire building to be unusable at some time in the not too distant future..

Based on the information included in the report from the soil engineer, there are several courses of action that could be attempted in order to stabiloize our foundation. However, the anticipated cost of implementing these potential remedies ranged from $75,000 - $ 2,000,000 depending on the action taken. Unfortunately, all of the proposed solutions were deemed to be cost prohibitive and therefore no action was taken to address this situation for sevaeral years.... (Click on the link below to continue)

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