Thank you for visiting the Tabernacle Evangelical Lutheran Church webpage. We are an active, urban congregation, located in the heart of West Philadelphia. We are excited and thankful for the opportunity to embark upon our second century of ministry.

At this moment in time we are an aging congregation, that is in decline. Financial instability and leadership development continues to be a challenge. Yet, despite the many challenges that we face, Tabernacle remains a vitally important resource to this thriving community. At present, our building is open 7 days a week for the following purposes:

Weekly worship services, prayer and bible study
Head Start Learning Tree Pre-school.
Weekly Weight Watchers group meeting
weekly Food bank
Weekly Narcotics Anonymous groups meetings
Foundation of Living Waters Church worship services
Community meetings, weddings, private parties, etc.

While there are a number of vital ministries taking place each day at Tabernacle, we understand that our primary charge is to be a "house of Prayer" for all people. To this end, our aim is to focus our attention on the things which draw us closer to God, clarifying our missional priorities as a faith community and ensuring that our ministries, programs, and activities are in aligned with our stated mission objectives.

It is also understood, that in order to continue doing ministry at this location, our mmbership will have to find a way to successfully address an ongoing structural problem that threatens the future survival of the congregation....

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